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Bedspreads: Product
Outline Quilting.jpg



The perfect fit for the perfect finish.

Because beds come in various sizes and heights, only a custom-made valance can provide the perfect fit. Not only are our valances made to measure, but they also feature a fabric return in the centre and top of the bed to maintain a perfect look even if the mattress has moved slightly. An essential accessory for simplifying the bed-making process. Popular styles include:

  • Quilted valance

  • Simple wrap-around

  • Pleated or split corners


Outline quilting is a specialsed hand-crafted technique, following an individual fabric pattern to create the most exquisite of all quilted styles.

Outline quilting in squares is a very contemporary style featuring large squares, or if your fabric has a wide stripe and channel quilting is not likely to run along the stripe lines, we Outline quilt creating a precise and beautiful product.


Multi Channel Quilted Bedspread.jpg

Turn an ordinary looking bedroom into extraordinary with custom-made quilted bedspreads, crafted to suit your design style.

Multi Needle Channel quilting can be produced in various channel widths. It's the detail that makes the difference and we have the expertise to produce a unique design statement for you. Some popular features are:

  • Reverse shams

  • Boxed corners

  • Inverted pleats

  • Rolled hems

  • Flanged edges


Unquilted Bedspread.jpg

Understated elegance and simplicity.

Unquilted bedspreads can be manufactured in a variety of styles to complement any traditional or modern décor. 

  • Simple hemmed bedspread

  • Unquilted top backed with quilted lining

  • Plain top with inverted pleats

  • Shaped bedspread

  • Divan cover

  • Hand stitched features such as tufts, knots and embroidery stitches


Bedroom 3.jpg

Bed-end throws are often the highlight of the bedroom, making them the ultimate product for creative expression and versatility.


Being smaller than bedspreads, they are perfectly suited to strong colours or patterns to uplift the interior. A bed-end throw may be a simple strip of decorative fabric, or a large folded quilted product that can double as a blanket to provide extra warmth. The variations are endless. Some  popular options:

  • Channel quilted and hemmed

  • Unquilted and reversible

  • Outline quilted

  • Padded with buttons or tufts

  • Contrast flanged

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