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Kind Face 
Our very own retail brand

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Feel Good Products. Kind to New Zealand, and kind to YOU.


We believe in making products that not only feel good to touch, they make YOU feel good.


We use natural and NZ made materials wherever possible, sourced through local businesses.


Packaging is kept to a minimum – but where required this will either be home compostable, fully recyclable in NZ or at least reusable for another purpose.


It's simple.


To ensure the best future possible for our families, country and planet, we must do better today.


You have the power to choose products that are better for you, your economy and the environment.

Products available as at 1st July 2021

  • Linen Face Masks (washable)

  • Linen Eye Pillows

  • Natural Heat Packs

  • Linen Travel Pillows

  • Linen Door Stops

  • Linen Draught Stoppers

  • 100% NZ Wool Pearl Pillows

  • 100% NZ Wool Pearl Cushion Inners

Background Story

Kind Face was born during Covid-19, in March 2020 to be more specific.

What do you do when business and the lives of your team are negatively impacted by COVID-19, you turn your attention to utilising your specialist skills and tools to create something which can help New Zealanders get on with doing what they do best... and try to be as kind as possible. We developed beautiful, comfortable, functional & reusable linen face masks. The original aim was to produce 1000 or so for our local community and essential workers unable to source PPE. Within 3 months we have sold over 5000 and exported to Australia, the UK and the USA.

It felt right to expand on the Kind Face brand and specific values, and as at July 2021 we have developed and released launched 7 new products with plans to continue adding more  :)

Thank you for supporting NZ manufacturing.




The Kind Face product range is available to retail, either under the Kind Face brand or we are happy working with your own fabric/s and labels. 


Contact Chris Larcombe to discuss further.

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